Upcoming Event

2023 Fall Read Aloud Workshop
featuring The String Beans, Steven L. Layne and Maria Walther
November 3, 2023

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Past Events

2021 Fall Read Aloud Workshop
featuring Kathi Wagner, Kim Jocelyn Dickson and Amber and Andy Ankowski
November 5, 2021
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2019 Fall Read Aloud Workshop
featuring authors Lauren Baratz-Logsted, Cyndi Giorgis and Megan Cox Gurdon
November 1, 2019
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2017 Fall Read Aloud Workshop
featuring authors Bruce Arant and Jill Esbaum
November 3, 2017
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Michael Sullivan “Why Does Being a Boy Matter in Reading,
and Why Reading Aloud Matters to Boys”
and John Kalkowski “Aloud and Alive!”
November 2015

Rob Reid
“Reid’s Read Alouds” & “Making Lit Come Alive”
April 2014

Jim Aylesworth & Lisa Campbell Ernst
and Nebraska children’s book authors Julia Cook,
Preston McDaniels and James Solheim
October 2012

David Biedrzycki
November 2011

Michael Sullivan
“Connecting Boys With Books” & “Breaking All the Rules”
April 2011

Mem Fox
“Dirt Roads or Highways? Two Different Directions to Literacy” &
“Reading Aloud So People Stay Awake, Stay Active and Stay With You”
October 2007

Frank Serafini
“The Reading Workshop – Creating Space for Adolescent Readers”
February 2007

Jerry Pallotta
“From Icky Bugs to Chocolate Math”
October 2006

Jim Trelease
“Readers Don’t Grow on Trees…But They Are Raised!”
October 2005

Mem Fox
“Why Reading Aloud to Young Children Changes Their Lives Forever” &
“How to Read Aloud to Greatest Effect”
November 2004

Jim Trelease
“Making Books Into Friends, Not Enemies”
October 2003

Monty and Laurie Joy Haas
“Read it Aloud! Becoming an Expert at Reading Aloud with Children”
November 2002

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